Siri0us: Siri dictation available on iPhone 4 now!


For a few weeks, hackers have proven that carriage ofSiri to the older airplane used to be possible. Opposite to what everybody notion in the beginning, the wizard does now not require voice processor Apple A5 – incorporated within the iPhone 4S and the iPad, by the way . However an issue was once to face: the legislation . Certainly, Chpwn had additionally written a paper on the subject.


For several days now, no one spoke of the famous portage. But to paraphrase another, not because we do not talk that does not act. And for once it does. Eric Day, a developer, is now offering on a package called Cydia Store Siri0us which enables the "dictation" of Siri on any device iOS 5. Remember, the "Dictation" is included each time a text should be typed using the keyboard. Simply tap the button just to the left of the space bar to launch. 
Once activated, talk and your device will transform your voice into text. Jeff of 
iDB offers us a short video that acts as evidence.


Note  : The developer suggests that a device iOS 5 is sufficient. But only the iPhone 4 was tested at the moment. If people with an iPhone 3G or iPod touch 3G/4G could take the test, it would be nice to you.

Siri0us  is available free in the source .

 According to some readers, Siri0us works on iPod touch 4. Unfortunately, the iPhone 3G does not seem to want to run it.

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