SiriToggles permit and disable some instructions in iPhone 4S the use of Siri


SiriToggles is a brand new set of Cydia that provides new iPhone 4S voice instructions voice assistantIf you set up it you’re going to have on hand new instructions to set off / deactivate the cellphone choices, as forinstance to alter the show brightness, show details about battery utilization of iPhone apps and even launch immediately from Siri.


Allows enable / disable features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight mode, data and network … now we understand that all this time in English.



Therefore SiriToggles Siri is a SBSettings for that lets you do the typical tasks of this popular application now through voice commands.

With SiriToggles, you can change a lot of settings and toggles, and even open any app on your device unlike OpenSiri.

Interestingly enough though time is not effective in other languages, you will see how it evolves in this area. In the case of apps can pick up the voice command "launch app" and then say the application you want to launch in the iPhone .

Installation Guide

1. downloaded from  here . Once the download is complete, move the file to the desktop and unzip it.

2. At this point you have a folder called “SiriToggles” within which there will be two files,  SiriCoreFunctions.dylib and  SiriCoreFunctions.plist .

3. By using any SSH client for your PC or Mac (we will use Cyberduck), connect to your iPhone using this protocol (just enter the IP address of your iPhone and your username and password, they are “root” and ” alpine “by default).

4. Then go in the path / Library / MobileSubstrate and copy the folder “DynamicLibraries ”the two files  contained within the folder “SiriToggles” previously downloaded.

5. At this point you just need to run 4S a respring your iPhone (you can do with programs such as SBSettings, IntelliScreenX, or UISettings WinterBoard) and try the tweak calling Syrians.

SiriToggles is available in Cydia for free on the BigBoss repository and extends the functionality of Siri style SBSettings.

This is iPhone tweak is available in Cydia, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S with Greenpois0n Asinthe on either a Windows or Mac machine.

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