Sixaxis PS3 Emulator to Provide Keyboard and Mouse


In the past a few 12 months got here out the Eagle Eye: a USB-suitable PS3&#one hundred sixty;for connecting mouse and keyboard of his option black monolith from Sony.

Nowadays, with advances in hacker&#one hundred sixty;-stage encryption of the console, a brand new different is kind of free to emerge as a software by means of passing a PC for a Sixaxis controller. Despite the fact that presently the brand new firmware three.sixty one&#a hundred and sixty;and a few video games nonetheless face up to hackers and their well-known customized firmware, the breach opened by way of&#a hundred and sixty;GeoHot few months ago no longer just playing games illegally, but to unlock some features of the console, or adapt some nice features.


What's better than the duo Keyboard + Mouse to gain an advantage in FPS? A question was probably asked the hacker Matlo who now offers a sort of emulator to control the PS3 with keyboard and mouse (but also any other device) to your PC.

Currently, the program requires some skill to operate properly, the first restriction is that you need a PC running a Debian distribution of Linux.

One other restriction is that you need a hand, a Sixaxis controller (so far so good), but also a key Bluetooth and not just any, a key with a Bluetooth address changed.

Small problem here for the less experienced, Matlo has so far not provided a list of compatible dongles and offering this option, not even announced what was his model.

Regarding the functioning of the hack, the emulator allows you to copy the address of the PS3 to refer to the USB dongle in order to fool the PS3 into thinking that the information received from the controller (so that they come from the dongle connected to PC)

At this stage, a full setup key is proposed in order to associate each button on the joystick to those of your PC peripherals.

For now still in development, the program is not 100% smooth or complete and it will take several weeks to see everything finalized, and why not a Windows or Mac and a list of compatible Bluetooth dongles.

Since all PC devices are theoretically compatible with the program, we should soon see the arrival on YouTube the ultimate snub to Sony players have fun by showing their favorite game on PS3, Xbox 360 controller in hand. [ Hack A Day via Technabob ]


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