Skyfire browser for converting Flash animations or videos in HTML5 has just made its arrival on the App Store. 


The latter means that the browser occurs as a desktop browser, where you will see the normal Web view. Skyfire is an eigenfunction of the Skybar Toolbar, which lets you one-click access to video and related content. The 'Explore' button provides access to related videos, news, trends, pictures and tweets.

In the description in the App Store are a few warnings given. So you have Flash videos, Flash games, but apps are not supported. Also, the U.S. video service Hulu unsupported because they do not allow the transfer. When loading a video, 15 to 25 seconds before a video is loaded, so Skyfire risking a lot of negative reviews from buyers who lack patience and thinking, "nothing happens".


In addition to this function, the browser offers the function Explore Related allowing you to search the content most relevant to the web, as well as the sharing of any web page on your social networks on the button Social Sharing.

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