Skype, the well-liked IP telephony utility is on hand on iPhone for an awfully very long time. The one fault I may make it was once unable to make calls by the use of the 3G community.



Since the firmware from 3.1.2 and new EU directives, Skype has finished nearly six months after the first versions tested internally by the company to provide a new version of its application to the general public, offering the possibility make calls via the 3G network of operator.

To celebrate this new beginning for Skype on iPhone, the company offers Skype to Skype over the 3G network for free until the end of August 2010. The
reafter, the monthly fee charged will be indicated as low (plus additional charges that can be applied by some operators as well as packages for the mobile internet).

The sound quality during a call on the 3G network is very good with the codec SILK.

This new version of Skype, stamped 2.0, provides a better indicator of Appeal and now adapted to calls on the 3G network. The starting time of the application has also been revised downwards.

Skype 2.0 is available free on the App Store.

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