Excellent information for Skype customers amongst us, these days, a brand new replace for the iPhone and iPad universal application. The new version fixes a number of problems, but the biggest innovation is the ability to easily share photos with other users.

Skype users who have installed the update on their iOS device will now have the ability to send and receive pictures. To take advantage of this new feature, both the sender and receiver of the picture or use the chat service Skype. The function works unfortunately only when both users are online, because the sent photos must be accepted.

Do not want to use this new feature, there no obligation but also no reason not to update. According to Skype, because there are a large number of bugs disappeared and the app will also used be less battery.

The Skyp 4.1 update is now available for the iPhone and iPad, download the update now via the link below.

Change Skype 4.1

Possibility to take pictures, send and receive
New pr
ivacy settings
Bluetooth problems solved
Call problems solved
Small number of graphical modifications.

Download Skype 4.1 iOS app for the iPad 

Download Skype 4.1 iOS app for the iPhone

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