Skype update for the iPhone brings new action to remove conversations and editing posts



In the App Store,   Skype 5.1 update version for iPhone, which includes  “press and hold” feature as well as a number of other improvements appeared. Now, , the user can remove conversations, edit messages and add items to favorites fast. In addition, developers have updated the Voice-Over feature.

Skype 5.1 is the first client update after a major upgrade. Version released a week ago is, according to Microsoft, the most perfect “recycled from scratch.” The app has undergone significant change in appearance: the program looks and works the same way WP and Android apps, but it is adapted to iOS features.

No change occurred, the new Skype has become five times faster than its predecessor and provides a smoother animation when switching. At the same time, these improvements did not occur at the expense of overall system performance and battery life.

Users were able to send messages to users outside the network, which were received later when connected. Made improvements to the notification system that calls Skype criticism not only in the iOS version. Microsoft says that the notification is “smarter” now: for example, if the received message is read on a PC, tablet or  Xbox console, then later opening Skype on the iPhone, the user sees that the message is marked as read.

Skype 5.1 for iPhone Features:

  • Deleting conversations of representation “Last” -> press and hold a conversation, to remove it from the latter.
  • Editing posts -> press and hold the message for editing chatting.
  • Adding elected directly on the screen “Favorites.”
  • Update VoiceOver.
  • General features.
  • Instant message conversation history
  • The ability to edit and remove instant messages
  • Being able to share files and contact information
  • Video calling and instant messaging with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling


Download Skype 5.1 for iPhone and iPod touch [App Store Link]

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