Skype WiFi: WiFi hotspot use pay per minute


If you happen to go back and forth rather a lot, ceaselessly in a foreign country or simply wish to go quicker web you quickly to discover a hotspot. These are continuously on hand at stations and airports, but when you need this and also you pay quick for an entire hour. We discuss from expertise after we let you know that hour by no means absolutely used. Skype as of late unveiled an answer: Skype WiFi, the place you best pay for the minutes you in truth on-line.

Skype-WiFi-icon-custom (1) At first glance you may think that the application is only useful if you want to call via Skype, but you can also simply use the application messages and photos on Facebook and / or Twitter convert. To use the hotspots you pay with Skype credits that you can use Skype to make calls to regular phones. The application aside 30 minutes per session, but using less than that, you pay only for time used. You accidentally forget to logout, the session is automatically terminated when 30 minutes have elapsed.

With over one million hotspots worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities to just go online. The WiFi hotspots offered by mobile providers like Boingo. Prices also differ for each hotspot.  When a hotspot provider Tomizone is only $0.05 per minute. A quick search tells us that the maximum price of a hot spot in most countries, $0.16 per minute. When you log into a hotspot, you are not bound to a data limit.

To the introduction of the new application Skype will celebrate everyone the chance to test free hotspots. Saturday, August 20, August 21 you can use the hotspots free of charge on supported Internet. This is obviously a limit: a Skype account you can up to 4 times a Wi-Fi sessions of 15 minutes use.



Download: Skype WiFi (free)

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