SlatePro: Computer Desk Designed With Apple Products



Modern users becoming more demanding of personal gadgets and their surrounding furniture , so to release a successful product manufacturers must consider many factors . Besides performance and appearance of the products , important are the materials from which they are made . Computer desk SlatePro, made ​​with glass and bamboo is ideal for numerous gadgets Apple.

According to the developers , SlatePro should make your life more comfortable and organized. The glass surface of the table includes ventilated area with holes for the laptop and a few slots for the iPhone and iPad with compartments for charging cables .


There is a place for coffee mugs and mouse pads. Several uprights help keep order in magazines and folders with paper. According to the developers , computer desk SlatePro can accommodate a variety of devices from various manufacturers , but in its design it is designed primarily for Apple technology.


The project started on SlatePro crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Product developer is a company iSkelter – known manufacturer of accessories for the iPhone and iPad.

Get a table will be this spring. The plans of the developer , which was attended by almost four times more money than planned (about $52,000 instead of $12,000 ) , to start shipping in May, the first production models .The cost of table for Kickstarter participants is set to $500 .

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