An interesting tweak that allows you to manage your iPhone without touching the touch screen  appeared in Cydia. Development, which can be found in the repository BigBoss, called SleepSleek.

SleepSleek works by proximity sensor that shuts off the phone screen when the device is held to the ear . The sensor detects the situation when a person runs his hand over the device , after which the iPhone automatically turns on or off the screen. Thus it is possible to control the smartphone, without touching the screen , such as when the device is on the table .

Control parameters can tweak the settings of iOS 7. There is a fine adjustment to the Proximity Sensor ( strokes number , duration, delay , etc.) , the restriction on the use of tweak in portrait mode and settings for Activator. Tumbler Activator Event can configure any command from a set of tweaks in the sensor response time . If installed on your system FlipControlCenter, activate and off SleepSleek can use icons Level Keep watch over .

Not like different jailbreak construction SleepSleek operates even when the iPhone is in sleep mode , although by using default, on a locked tool disables all sensors , together with the proximity sensor.

By means of and big, tweak SleepSleek operate reproduces Air Gesture smartphones Samsung. With its lend a hand, which you can flick of the wrist to obtain calls , alternate track tracks , browse pictures . One possibility Air Gesture referred to as ” fast appear “, she allows you to comprehend the time and date of the notification acquired and cost the battery with out bringing the telephone out of sleep mode.

Obtain tweak SleepSleek for jailbroken iPhone in Cydia for $ zero.ninety nine.

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