SlideLockiOS UI design 7 was the most controversial change in the history of the operating system. Seven distinguished from previous releases updated icons without gloss , no ” fake” volume and texture , thin fonts system as a whole to get fresh and more vibrant than before. While some users are dissatisfied and looking at a matte docking panel on their iPhone and iPad, the other is in the design of custom ayvovskom chic and seek to move it to competing platforms . New utility from the online catalog allows you to install Google Play iOS lock screen 7 on Android-powered devices .

SlideLockA key feature of SlideLock compared with standard lock screen- demonstration mode alerts. Thanks to this , users do not need to unlock to see who sent SMS- message or post a comment in Facebook. Just need to whisk line notification to the right to open the related application , and to the left to hide the screen. Looks just like in iOS 7 – stylish and minimalistic .

In the settings you can specify SlideLock software, notification of which must appear on the locked screen . There are numerous options to customize the design and lock screen functionality. For example , you can use your picture as a background image , set up sound notifications and others.

Basic version SlideLock copies most of the features iOS lock screen 7. After buying the paid version of the program similar to  Apple lock screen enhanced by an updated transparent status bar and new icons .

Obviously, the demand for design Jonathan Quince great , even among supporters of Android- platform. Currently utility downloaded several hundred thousand people , putting SlideLock average rating of 4.0 out of 5 points.

The main drawback SlideLock is that the application does not allow the defense to put on the lock screen . Perhaps will do away with the next version of the program.

Download SlideLock for Android [Google Play]

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