SmartGlass Xbox: Microsoft’s official and comprehensive remote control for Xbox 360



Android Microsoft has finally embraced.After the software giant long refused even an official app for a product to market, Microsoft began in June with My Xbox Live , an app that allows you the social functions of the Xbox 360 to get your smartphone. The new Xbox SmartGlass implements these social functions, but also functions as a very comprehensive remote.

Xbox SmartGlass you have the opportunity to get your Xbox 360 drive by swipe, and tapping the keyboard of your smartphone to use to enter text and search for games. The browser of the Xbox 360 works great with Xbox SmartGlass: the smartphone is actually a second screen where you can enter the web address, and specific areas of the website can zoom.

The Xbox Smart Glass is not only suitable for gamers, because even for those who many view videos and listen to music on their Xbox 360 is the only app. Xbox SmartGlass provides a convenient interface with a play, pause, Forward, Rewind and stop button. The social functions of My Xbox Live are also implemented: you can exchange messages and achievements Xbox Live friends, your 3D avatar and your Xbox Live profile.

To use the app, you have an Xbox membership is required that you login. In addition, Xbox SmartGlass only on devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above.


Download: Xbox SmartGlass (free)

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