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The brand new iPhone Retinal Show four WAS When compared with different monitors utilized by the competitors, However except now HAD By no means Been Made laboratory checks to certify the Doable and precise high quality. On this comparability Had been Taken Into Consideration Following the monitors of cell gadgets: iPhone four, Motorola X-Droid, Droid Fantastic HTC and HTC EVO with the aid of examining Such parameters as brightness, distinction, depth and coloration accuracy.

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Among all, the display is brighter Than The iPhone 4 with 536 cd / m² , Which WAS twice as bright OLED display of HTC Droid Inc
redible. Compared to the iPhone 4, Droid Can Provide a brightness of 236 cd / m², making it much more Difficult to Observe under high brightness (eg sunlight). L '4 iPhone 3G is 25% brighter Also, so far the previous record holder. The title of "Sun King" Among smartphones Thus goes melafonino fourth generation.


The contrast ratio is the Difference Between the Highest or value (brightest point) and the lowest (darkest points) the brightness of the display. Just based on this definition we can say That iPhone Is Slightly Better Than the 4 X Droid as contrasted Against the 1071 and 1097 to Obtain 'sEVO HTC Can Offer Little More Than Half of These values with 649.



The 'Incredible HTC reaches a much higher contrast ratio thanks to its OLED screen that thanks to the pixels actually manages to get off a scary 39,373. Times the Keynote Steve Jobs had promised that the retina would display the highest contrast of 800 while the testing was reached in 1097, as many as 37% more than stated and advertised by Apple. It 's a very important value as it is very rarely the manufacturers reported lower than actual values, usually tend to inflate values to attract more consumers. L 'iPhone 4 offers a contrast significantly better than the previous iPhone 3G (only 138). The Motorola Droid remains the king of the contrast with a value of 1436.

Although OLED screens are able to provide a contrast of over 30,000 is not really useful on mobile devices because they can not be exploited. A value as high contrast offered by OLED sc
reens could be used and appreciated only in situations of extreme darkness while the sun or in situations of normal lighting would lose all meaning.

Color Depth

The color depth refers to the color resolution is obtained by the hardware operating system software and between the screens tested, only 4 and Motorola Droid iPhone could provide a depth of 24 bit (16,777,216 colors, called "million "Apple and" True Color "on Windows). Incredible HTC HTC devices and EVO can see colors just 16bit equal to 65,535 colors.

Use of the software, however, only 4 iPhone can effectively ensure a color depth of 24bit native photo application. The Android operating systems now use 16bit only, greatly limiting the potential of Motorola Droid X and lead to the same plan dell'Inredible and VAT.

Color accuracy

To get the best Colors That Reflect the reality we need Wou
ld That the percentage of saturation of color as Closely as possible to zero. Among the devices tested Those Who Are Closest to the saturation line are the best Droid X with only 6% of sottosaturazione el 'HTC EVO with 10%. 4 iPhone sottosaturato is 36% while the 'Incredible offers a very high share Reaching saturation 37%. 4 Although the iPhone is Able to Provide 64% of the sRGB color needed to see on-screen color images as real as possible, are preferable display with low saturation Than Those on Which the OLED Extremely supersaturated colors are less noticeable.

Overall results

Of all the devices tested, the 'iPhone 4 has demonstrated the Most Powerful and full display. The retinal display is the only one to offer 24bit color, the best brightness and better contrast and Could Be better if Apple HAD limited color accuracy to the limit Consumption of battery.

Second place goes to Motorola Droid X, Closely Followed by HTD Dr
oid That although the king is not the contrast stands out for Some 16bit color, high saturation and low brightness of the Same in open environments. 'SEVO HTC However, does not excel in anything. What do you think? Are you satisfied with These tests performed in the laboratory and the results Obtained from the retinal display iPhone 4?

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