In case you are presently on the sofa observing TV with you, likelihood is that your smartphone alongside of you. As soon as merchandising begins is that both the beginning sign to head to the toilet or a drink. However via the smartphone, you’ve gotten 0.33 type of distraction: simply take your iPhone to tweet right here, do an Web search or to play a recreation. In step with a survey of IPG Media Lab enYuMe people are distracted when a smartphone in hand. Moreover, there were only 48 people in the investigation, but the results are convincing: 94% of them were distracted while watching a 30 minute television program. The smartphone was there in 60% of the cases the culprit.


The researchers also found that looking away at your smartphone a greater impact than the fast forwarding of a commercial. To quickly flush still get impressions of the advertisements it. When staring at your iPhone screen is not the case. Also push notifications and incoming e-mail, people can easily be derived. The makers of TV commercials will have to make their commercials more interesting than the messages that we receive within our smartphones.

Do you have that experience, that you quickly look away from the TV commercials when you have a smartphone within reach?


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