Iph_dock Now that most users have an iPhone 4Samsung Galaxy S, BlackBerry Torch, Nexus One (including the HTCs), the number of Windows Phone 7 or smart mobile d
evice with touch screen, does not hurt to read some recommendations that can help improve or maintain the life of the device.

Here we will list some recommendations
Buy a bag. The wireless device has a touch-sensitive screen, if you want to avoid scratching it with keys or other objects in the pocket, it is better to have a case.
– If you do not like the covers, you can buy those kits that leave the screen freeof course should be designed on the model of phone you use.
– For the screen can be used shields, a thin transparent sheets that stick to your screen
Avoid placing the smartphone on any surface that can scratch or cause Samsung-Galaxy-S unexpected falls.
Lock the device on or off the screen before filling the pocket. Helps extend battery life and you do not want to perform actions on the touch screen of your mobile.
– It is normal that the device is hot when making longer calls(or use 3G/Wi-Fi connection), but if heated inmisariamente is better off and if possible remove the battery for a moment.
Samsungfocus – The most important issue is the battery life. It is necessary to avail ourselves of applications that help us to program or turn off the wireless connection when needed
Before bed, you must connect your mobile device charger. Thus, avoid running out of battery during the day
– Obviously, if it's connected to social networks play in mobile, receive emails or activities to your mobile phone during the day, the battery will last longer than 5 hours.Therefore, never forget your c
harger or take a couple of these available.

Someone add more recommendations or recommend any product that helps protect your mobile device?


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