SMS nonetheless hottest smartphones functions


Operators bitch in regards to the large use of WhatsApp, so that they lose profits. However take a look at the true use of apps, it seems just right outdated textual content continues to be the preferred utility. That is evident at the least from a Pew survey of American smartphone users. There is more than that gesms’t Angry Birds played. The survey found that 92 percent of smartphone users surveyed SMS messages sent and received. 92 percent also takes pictures with the smartphone.

Thread sms iphone


 Text messages and pictures are therefore the two most popular smartphone applications.

The Web browser (84%), sending pictures and videos (80%) and email (76%) is common practice. Pew found that smartphone users with a wide range of apps on their phone already. No less than 64% play games, 59% use social networking sites and 54% view videos. Only 15% use the smartphone to Twittering. Pew compared the figures with those of conventional telephone users, who do not have smartphones. This group makes limited use of the browser (15%) or e-mail (10%). Even a game they can not appeal (14%).

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