Snapchat Rejected $3 Billion offer from Facebook



Fast growing messenger Snapchat, which allows the exchange of ” self-destructing ” messaging, Facebook has rejected a takeover offer for $3 billion. About this newspaper WSJ, citing informed sources.

This amount is about three times greater than that which the company Mark Zuckerberg gave for Instagram last year. In this case, the real value of photoservice was lower because a large part of the deal was paid for in shares Facebook. As explained to the publication, in the case of gay Snapchat wanted to pay all cash transaction .

The  23 -year-old creator of Snapchat Evan Spiegel – withdraws from the sale , as it comes to a lot of interesting offers. For example , China’s Tencent Holdings, operating in the field of e-commerce , wanted to make an investment that would appreciate a company in a two-year $4 billion.

Snapchat came out in 2011 on two mobile platforms – iOS and Android. The program allows you to send messages to friends who are removed through some time for yourself. Service is still not profitable , but it is very popular among the youth audience.

Facebook, which tried unsuccessfully to create an analogue Snapchat, not for the first time refers to Der Spiegel . Earlier, the social network offered him three times less than the sum – $ 1 billion , and was refused.

Spiegel is unlikely to consider any offer to purchase or investment until 2014. He looks forward to an even bigger audience growth Snapchat, that his business could be valued even more expensive , said the WSJ.


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