Snap Inc. soon, the stock market, but in the meantime the company is still working on new features for Snapchat. For example, various changes, that are implemented today .

Snapchat search for improved navigation

New features have been added, namely a search bar and Bitmoji. Snapchat users can use emoji as a profile picture. Thanks to the search bar, you can easily friends, groups, publishers and stories faster. At this time, the update will only be available for a small group of Android users. Expectations are that this function next time will be rolled out to all users, including iOS users. The universal search function you can find the top of the application. By clicking on the search field opens a new window where you will find suggestions for friends under the ‘Quick Chat. ”


To click on your own Bitmoji, go to your profile. There you can see who you’ve added recently and you can add stories to “Our Story.” By setting a photo or video available for that feature your photos automatically added to the appropriate theme or event. To use the Bitmoji you need to download the app from Bitmoji. Also, you need to download the latest updates for both apps.

By adding these features will be hooked to the criticism that the app was not user friendly. For delegates it is now more attractive to buy a share in Snapchat when it comes to the stock market. It will also bring new advertising opportunities available, companies have the option to buy an ad spot in the new search space.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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