The experiences are lighting fixtures up the more than a few hackintosh boards, and OSx86 co-writer Stellarolla sums it up thusly:

Neatly, seems like I used to be proper, once more. The netbook boards are actually blowing up with issues of 10.6.2 speedy rebooting their Atom based totally netbooks. My sources inform me that each time a netbook consumer installs 10.6.2 an Apple worker will get their wings.

It shouldn’t be lengthy ahead of some suave hacker figures out a workaround and releases a patched kernel to the sector, re-enabling the OS on Atom based totally computer systems. However that’s now not the story. The larger message is that Apple has ultimately stopped ignoring the incessant buzz of the passion-hacking, Mac netbook scene and as a substitute pulled out a fly-swat and dealt it a whack. The battle is formally on.

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