Solid Gold iPhone Case: 14-karat gold case for $10,000


Do you imply an opulent iPhone case speedy, you then higher simply skip the following accent. The Solid Gold iPhone Case of Miansai takes the 14-carat gold, so the price quickly rises to $ 10,000.For that amount you have a choice of yellow or rose-colored gold in a matte or shiny design.


Any Solid Gold iPhone Case is made after ordering. They are then post-production with an engraved number, so you know how unique yours is. Miansai promises that each case within two weeks after the order will be sent.

While you are on the case from a large penny lost, it will only get worse when you place your order The shipping might be expensive. Not very strange, considering you a package filled with 14-carat gold rather not send the traditional airmail.

The Solid Gold iPhone Case is not the only one in its price: in 2010 we wrote about the Crimson Gold Supreme, an iPhone case made ​​from a combination of python leather, nubuck leather and gold. This will cost you $ 99,500.


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