Today Microsoft has released the Windows 10, and many have had the problem that, to go to Windows Update, the same hath notified with an error in downloading the update to Windows 10.

1.Go to the following folder C: Windows SoftwareDistribution Download and delete all content that is within it.

2. Now open Windows terminal as administrator (Windows key + X). In it we wrote the following wuauclt.exe / UpdateNow.

3. To do this, navigate to Start> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt (right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”)

4. Then, navigate to Control Panel> Windows Update and perform a new search for updates that start from scratch a new download of the update.. It will take a while but at the end we can start the installation without problems.

In case you get an error once the download is complete, to start the installation, restarted the computer to continue the process, it remains frozen (can be in any proportion, but mostly occurs between 24% 30%) or gives us a nice BSOD with the message “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTwhich forces us to restart, and therefore return to our previous version of Windows.

Perform the above steps, but the update will no longer appear in Windows Update to install. While it is not normal behavior, apparently several cases that have been presented with this problem have occurred.

Well, if your case to continueforce the installation of the system. To do this  go to

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