In our previous post, we discussed about a bug in iOS that can permanently brick you device, leaving you with the option to go visit the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store.. Problems such as the “current time to fall into inoperable and back to January 1, 1970” is discovered, this bug affects any iOS devices(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with A7, A8, A8X, A9, or A9X running 64-bit CPUs from Apple.

When you use the “BrickingDate”, it is possible to ensure that can not change the current time from the Settings app!

Usually, you can change the Settings app-> General-> Date and time … the current time. If you will be installing the “BrickingDate”, in the empty in the “Date and Time”, we are now not able to change the time! Recommendation is that you turn on the “automatic setting” before installation.

Although it is a fairly brute force, but it may be one of the hands of you put as an interim treatment to the January 1, 1970 issue. The really interesting thing is that the iPhone is locked and can not be restored even in DFU.

The only way to restart you smartphone is take it to an Apple Store, although some users claim to have solved waiting for about 5 hours: in that case, several iPhone have returned to work, but with different lag solved by changing the date again, resuming to the correct one. The bug affects all iOS devices with 64-bit processor and with iOS 8 or later.

If you have to jailbreak your iPhone, you can download on Cydia BrickingDate (you have to add first add repository ), tweak that prevents you to set the date.

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