Last week, we echoed a news item more related to HomePod, although this time it was not as good as their owners wanted, and this “smart” Apple Homepod leaves white ring on wooden surfaces that have been treated with oils or waxes, a brand that costs a lot to eliminate and can only be disguised.

To try to offer a solution to this problem, the company added a new section entitled “Where to place the HomePod” detailing how the interaction between the silicone of the base and a wooden surface can leave a white ring due to the vibrations of the HomePod during its use.

The Business Insider publication has been in contact with industrial designers. These industrial designers believe that the problem should not be too difficult to fix, since the company based in Cupertino has a rethink its manufacturing process to try to find a problem with the silicone base, although it could take a delay between two and six weeks and it would not be very expensive, according to Gregor Berkowitz, to consult on the development of consumer electronic products.

Gregor Berkowitz, a product development consultant for various consumer electronics brands, [said that] manufacturers of speakers or other stationary products understand the complexities of silicone on wood. Oils leave wood porous, while varnish seals it shut, and a product that sits on a shelf needs to account for both environments.

“This is sitting on a bookshelf. Is it going to work? Or are there going to be problems? A traditional consumer product company or a speaker company or a traditional Hi-Fi company is going to worry about that and think about those problems and have experience with it,” Berkowitz said. “This shouldn’t be new for Apple but it is.”

Another indusrial designer from Y Studios, Cesar Viramontes, affirms that the issue of rings should not be given much importance because sooner rather than later the users will forget this little problem remaining in an anecdote. According to Cesar, a solution could be to replace the piece of silicone with the same material used in the sports belts of the Apple Watch. What is clear is that Apple does not plan to do anything about it, at least until the next generation and If the problem of white rings is accentuated, they could give a protector for the wood, just as they did when they gave a cover for the iPhone 4, because according to Steve Jobs, the problem of coverage was because we used the wrong phone .

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