Option to Restoration white / clean monitor and different bugs when used Absinthe to Jailbreak, Pointers


Many customers are reporting that we get a white monitor when the use of absinthe after which don’t go there or get server error or the monitor stays white /clean and also you're accomplished.




To fix it, you just have to:

1 .- Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and open iTunes.
2 .- Make a backup your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud. 
3 .- Once the backup is finished, Restore all data on your iPhone. 
4 .- When finished restoring – DO NOT USE THE BACK UP. 
5 .- Open Absinthe and click on the button Jailbreak, expect the process to completion.
6 .- After the iPhone reboot, locate new absinthe icon on the springboard, open it (need to connect wireless internet).

And Voila! Working perfectly at first, now we can only restore the backup that we have to leave the iPhone as it was. Other tips to have your jailbreak working are the followings:

Disable Your Passcode

Having a passcode set can interrupt the progress of the jailbreak and cause problems. Disable this before you even start.

Reset all Settings




Go into Settings > General > Reset > and tap Reset All Settings. If you only have a few items on your device, but it’s still failing, try a reset, then reattempt the jailbreak.

Run Absinthe as Adminstrator (Windows) Use Sudo (Mac)


Run Absinthe from the terminal (Mac)

In the terminal type: sudo ./Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/Absinthe and make sure that the Absinthe.app is in the same directory as your terminal.

For random issues with Absinthe, follow these steps. In most of the case it worked.
1) After the Absinthe jailbreak fails to do anything, reboot your iPhone
2) Close Absinthe on your mac
3) Rerun Absinthe and it should detect the device and say that it noticed a jailbreak attempt failed and say it has “recovered”.
4) Reboot the device again, and close absinthe again
5) Rerun the jailbreak tool, it will rerun as it did in the first place.
6) After it’s done and says to tap the “jailbreak icon” do not do that! Instead go to your device, load settings, and click the “vpn” setting to “on”. Wait. The device should pop up and error and then respring about 30 seconds after the error.
7) If the device never resprings in step 6, repeat the steps above again until it works.

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