Some Awesome Things You Can Plug into Your iPhone’s Audio Jack


Recently, I attended a seminar in which I had enjoyable taking a look on the more than a few allure plugs the attendees used on their iPhone headphone jacks. Granted, most of them had been of the cutesy selection, however there some ingenious ones that gave me proposal to checklist down one of the superior and awesome things you can plug into your iPhone’s audio jack. Use your own judgement and decide for yourself which of these accessories are great to own, and which aren’t.
Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Jigsaw iPhone headset 3.5mm jack dust plug

This dust plug is actually pretty cool, coming from a non-diehard fan like me. It’s both creepy (when it lights up in the dark) and interesting, something anyone would use on their iPhones if it didn’t already have a cutesy kitty charm plug in the jack.

2. Braaaainnnsssss…!

Made from soft clay and plastic, a quirky Chinese designer on Etsy sells these awesome little dust-proof charms which I think are great additions to anyone’s arsenal of iPhone accessories. 1,121 buyers who gave 5-star ratings for this item on Etsy couldn’t be wrong, can they?

3. FM transmitter

This nifty little tool lets you tune in to your favorite radio stations, if you don’t already have an app that does that…

4. As-Seen-on-TV Hat for iPhone

If this accessory (does it deserve to be classified just that?) isn’t so a) ugly; b) cumbersome; and c) did we mention ugly… I may consider using it myself. And then I remember _.

I for one have never actually seen this “As-Seen-on-TV Hat” on TV, so if it impresses you, you can decide to fork out $30 for this… gadget, OR buy duct tape and secure your iPhone around your head. How’s that for cost-effectiveness?

Jokes aside, the magnifying glass in the hat distorts your view; it may also result in strained eyes and blurry vision.

5. iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer

Plug in the iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer after a night out in town with the guys and you’ll need not worry about being pulled over for drunk driving. That is, if you choose not to ignore your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) readings. Just blow into the little tube that’s attach to the iBreath and you can easily determine if you should be driving that night or simply go for another round of beer.

6. Kinsa thermometer

This Kinsa thermometer is a handy little tool you can carry around along with your iPhone. Wonder of wonders, it attaches itself to your iPhone and displays your temperature as well as guess the possible illness you may be suffering based on the symptoms you have. This is a truly smart device that taps into a database and judges what kinds of illnesses are “trending” around your local area. As of the time of writing, the makers of this uber cool product have not decided on a price but they promised that it will be made affordable to all.

7. Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset

This is yet another cool iPhone accessory I won’t mind splurging out for. And yes, ladies and gents, this Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset won’t come cheap, but it will be worth every penny if you’re one of the intended target audience, or simple one someone who, like me, buys stuff because it’s so damn cool.

What this nifty thing does is amplify your voice when you speak into your iPhone. Using Throat Mic technology, it picks up only your voice and cancels out other sounds; it is especially useful for when you need to communicate in a club or concert, construction area, or simply on the road as you ride your Harley with your hair blowing in the wind…

8. OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator

This one is strictly for the ladies! The OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator is the world’s first wireless music-driven vibrator. In other words, its 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter prompts the vibrator to um, vibrate, to the tune of your favorite songs when connected to your  iPhone or any other MP3 players with a compatible jack. You may also opt to go manual and let it work its magic on you by selecting the speed you want.

And no wireless vibrating session will be the same without OhMiBod’s Body Heat app. Coupled with the Freestyle Vibrator, the app works in tandem to a great deal heighten your pleasure in or out of the bed room, no matter your preferences are.

On the finish of the day…

iPhone Freestyle Vibrator: $130

Physique Warmth app: $3.99

In fact the use of your iPhone to attain with the women (as an alternative of simply hello-scoring in Offended Birds): PRICELESS

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