Some iOS users are receiving emails dated from 1/1/1970, Here’s How To Fix It



Apple recently had a January 1, 1970 bug in iOS where users who changed the system date to January 1, 1970, left their smartphone fully bricked without possibility to restore them ,  if it was not accessed by disconnecting the battery inside. So in the latest beta of iOS 9.3 it is already corrected the error, not allowed to put the date beyond 2001.

This was because in the time zone in some countries was January 31,  1969, and this is not programmed in iOS, so completely left hanging system. So Apple has cut to the chase preventing anyone can put dates so absurdly old. This will not be a problem until we can travel to the past.

Well, another bug related to 1970 now appears, it is that many users of iPhone and iPad are receiving emails dated January 1, 1970. These have no sender, subject or content, nor can be deleted.

The only positive is that this error does not hurt anyone, so we can be calm, waiting for Apple to fix the error in a future update. The date is curiously the equivalent to 0 on Unix. So in iOS Mail creates these emails by default if no time or date selected.

The date of a device is stored as a continuous increase in seconds (ignore the time zone conversions, and it’s something easy to handle in binary). This is called Unix Epoch Time. For example the current time is 1,457,000, which is very easy to store for 64-bit system. So if it is now 1,457,000, 0 is January 1, 1970 at 00:00 hour.

Most who suffer from this problem is because change time zones for travel reasons. If you suffer from this problem, solutions will surely temporarily restarting the device: Keep the Power and Home button pressed until you see the Apple logo appear.  The solution itself is the same in all cases, so if you are experiencing the problem of ghost post 1970 you can fix it by following these steps:

  • Press the start button to return to the Springboard.
  • Press the start button twice.
  • Close the Mail application from multitasking.
  • Force a reboot, which is achieved by pressing the start button and sleep at the same time until we see the apple.

The latest betas of iOS 9.3 release corrected the known prior iOs bug, so it is possible to also correct the new bug as well. Feel free to leave comments if you are experiencing this problem, especially if you are using the latest beta of iOS 9.3.

(Screenshots via The TelegraphSource: Reddit)

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