Windows 10 has been released,  at least is valid for distribution to all users state, since according to the new philosophy of Microsoft when it comes to offering Windows as a service rather than a product, we could never reach consider that this operating system is technically completed. From now on the new Windows desktop modules will suffer change as time goes on, but there will be no new updates, but updates of all kinds.

Windows Insiders members have seen how the operating system has progressed, sometimes showing more or less failures and sometimes new features. What is clear is that since Windows 8 everything has changed a lot, and Microsoft has done everything possible not only to do what he should have done with Windows 8 at the time, but also to correct mistakes and polish features of Windows 10. But sometimes, not all the effort and the effort may prevent some things go wrong.

Since Windows Central is proposed to review the comments from readers as well as the application of ‘reviews Windows “(Windows Feedback), and various websites in general in order to see what is giving users greater problems in Windows 10. The result, which you have then you could be considered a summary of the judgments currently.

Automatic updates

If there is something that has troubled users since it was announced, is the new way that Microsoft distribute updates from now. If you read the terms of use of Windows 10, you will see a part where the reference to “automatic updates without any warning” is made. Basically means that when you install Windows 10 you agree that, whether you like it or not.

Clearly, the benefits of this system are many, and which thus ensure that all users are up to date with updates, which means less security risks and the task of providing user support is simplified. But the inability to have control over updates can bring problems like that have happened recently with some NVidia graphics cards due to a bug in its software, which led many systems stop working.

Although it is clear that Microsoft will continue to test updates internally and with Windows Insider members, could be errors beyond its control that affect a large number of users. It is something that Microsoft should consider now to avoid future problems. I fully understand that automatic updates are a good thing, but users should at least be able to choose if they want to control how updates are applied.

Other problems that are suffering from various users are related to drivers. Windows 10 is responsible for finding and automatically install all the drivers that you can manage, and in my case for example, has been able to install the video, audio, trackpad and network without any problem. Still, it seems that many people find confusing, especially when it comes to getting features like the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi function properly. Keep in mind that many manufacturers have yet to start offering software adapted to Windows 10, so it is expected that such problems during the first few weeks.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is perhaps one of the innovations that are drawing attention, especially when you consider that represents the end of the era of Internet Explorer. Though Edge is the new default browser for Windows 10, IE is still active to provide support in those sites where typical or yes require an earlier version of Microsoft browser. Although it works pretty well, different users mention problems that fails can compete against Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if not promptly resolved.

Some complain that Microsoft Edge takes to load some websites that have a high level of graphic load, or the new default browser for Windows 10 does not allow scrolling on a web page until it is completely discharged. No shortage of references to performance problems and shutdowns, even considering that Redmond have made significant progress in its rendering speed and other aspects in the past Builds published. Others refer to functions that are not present, as the possibility of putting the full-screen browser, or lack of options ‘Save link’ or ‘Save link as’ from the context menu.

Features of Windows 10

Where more discussions are occurring is about features of Windows 10 that are not working properly or need improvement. For example, in the application to submit your review of Windows, there are many complaints about apps like Photos, Contacts, Weather and Store, which just does not open or close unexpectedly. Some also complain that sometimes the Start menu does not respond, or directly this does not appear to install all the drivers of the team. In my case, I have not had any problems from which these users mention, but I have to say that I have seen several of these when I upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version, and everything disappeared and began to work well after performing a clean installation .

Others say that the fact your mailbox is displayed on the screen locking system can be a serious safety issue if the computer you use it at work or in a public place. Complaints are also directed to Cortana, as prompted Microsoft to search the archives of the equipment itself are prioritized, and not to perform web searches on their own. In this I fully agree, because many times when Cortana not know what to do, Internet searches and shows you the results by opening the browser.

Continuum promises to be one of the pillars, although at the moment is becoming the target of criticism because apparently is not entirely polished. Some complain that the transition is slow to switch between tablet and PC mode, or animations are not at all pleasant way. It is also said that thus far limited experience and not take advantage of the available space, in addition to hindering the Start menu customization.

Finally,  we have the application that allows us “Getting Windows 10”, which is causing headaches for many because or not working properly or not displayed (keep in mind that if you do not meet the minimum requirements you will not appear) . The objective of this application was to make things easier for users, but now many are forced to check if they have the latest updates from Windows Update, especially the KB3035583 and KB2952664 and 1GB patch that was released, in addition to touring the Community Forums Microsoft for help.

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