apple news+

Apple introduced back in March Apple News+, a magazine subscription service that came to the market a year after the comparison of Texture. Apple invested nearly at least $485 million in the purchase of Texture to change its name, practically the same budget allocated to Apple Arcade.

Apple News+ offers the same service as Comparison of Texture but integrated into the Apple ecosystem. Three months after its launch, many publishers say they are not making as much money as Apple had assured them they would, according to Business Insider.

Several are the media that claim that the income they are getting through Apple News+ is not even a twentieth of what Apple had promised. Others claim that the income they obtain is the same as they already obtained through Texture, income that was not very high.

In different Apple’s meetings with the main content publishers that offer their magazines through their service, he said that the projected revenues for the first year of operation of Apple News+ would be 10 times higher than those of Texture. It is probably still early, it has only been running for 3 months, but for now, it seems that the initial interest of the editors has dropped considerably.

One of the reasons why many users do not just trust Apple News, is because it is difficult to differentiate which with the free articles of paid content, when we talk about access to newspapers, not magazines, and say that Apple is not putting all their effort to improve this service and make it more intuitive for users, hence they do not bet on it and is not generating the expected income initially.

Apple says the company is working to make the Apple News+ application more intuitive so that users know at all times what content can access and what not. Everything seems to indicate that the main problem of this service is this: to mix available content in the subscription of the unavailable content unless a subscription to the concrete medium is being paid, a subscription that has an average monthly price of $25, so Apple News+ costs $9.99.

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