Some users are having issues with Touch ID running on iOS 9.1



Every new iOS version comes with bugs. Whenever a new version is released, new problems arise, something that nobody likes, of course. Apple released iOS 9.1 on October 21 and since then, a few users have noticed that the Touch ID is not working as it should, leading to not recognize the fingerprint. The number of users who are experiencing the problem grows by the hour.

The problem does not occur only on an iOS device, but it can appear on any iPhone or iPad with Touch ID. Just shop around the forums of Apple doing search “Touch ID 9.1” to notice. The problems described from low rate of operation, to slow recognition and reaching not work at all.

While waiting for Apple to release an update to fix the problem, it seems that the solution might be to restore the device without retrieving copies, but says the problem recurs over time, so the workaround not think it’s a good idea, since much time would be lost in solving a problem that will reappear.

Apple stopped signing iOS 9.0.2 last week, so it can no longer be downgraded to a version that did not present a problem. By now being tested iOS 9.2, so you might think that no focusing solely solve this bug is not release version. Anyway, that is likely to provoke complaints Apple releases iOS 9.1.1 to eliminate issues that should never have appeared. And what is worse, Apple only responds with a “no comment” to queries that Forbes editor made them, so we can not know if they are working on it and, if so, when the solution will come.

(Source Apple Support Communities via CNET)

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