Three days after the official launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, we are still waiting for the “gate” this year. If last year the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus had a problem which was christened as #bendgate and iPhone 4 suffered from #antennagate it seems that current models are being saved from serious problems, at least so far. And not only they are fighting, but it has been found that new iPhone models endure as a champion in water resistance tests. But luck could change if the complaint of some users becomes the norm.

According to some users, the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus is overheated more than it should. This is no problem if the computer or the user does not jeopardize in any way or does not affect operation of the device, and this is the second reason for complaints from affected users. These users would be reporting that the iPhone 6s does not allow them to take pictures because they receive a message that says “Flash disabled. The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash. “

What is the reason for this overheating? We have to wait for the answer. For now, only a few users have complained, what makes us think that could be a manufacturing fault of a few units of the first iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus were manufactured. It is unlikely that the problem is the A9 processor, since this processor circuit is less than the A8 and should also take less temperature. There is also the possibility that it is a software problem in the system to interpret erroneously that the device is at a high temperature which could jeopardize the integrity of the iPhone.

However, it is too early to know what exactly happens. If this problem is widespread how do we call it? #HeatGate?

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