After the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR that already had the pre-installed version of iOS 12, the firmware has landed in previous models too but it seems that iPhone X has a problem with theOLED display.

iOS 12 has been made public and has been updated in millions of iPhone units worldwide. However, we are talking about electronic devices and in this context, it can also happen a little unforeseen to make the installation null and/or fail.

It can happen and if it happens, the important thing is that it falls within the minimum margin of error that companies calculate for their products.

Just in support of this, some users after gaining access to install iOS 12 in their iPhone X, they started to notice issues related to the OLEF display of their phones. The reports on Reddit speak of some users who immediately after the update noticed the colors appeared on the Oled display of the iPhone X as if they were suddenly deteriorated: faded blacks and less saturated colors, which on a high-quality Oled is more unique and rarely happens.

Many of these users have noticed the change shortly before turning off to update, the iPhone X had normal colors while the next restart the colors are “changed”.

As far as we are concerned, we did not notice anything in our iPhone X units. Before iOS 12 the colors were fine-tuned and after iOS 12 nothing changed in this respect.

In short, if you want to document, let us know if you too after upgrading to iOS 12 you have detected the Oled display of iPhone X more “off” than normal.

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