Sony and GeoHot Case Solved


What number of twists within the case between Sony GeoHot. Sony Pc Leisure introduced it had reached an settlement with the younger hacker George Hotz cracked then accused of getting revealed the Safety Key (Grasp Key) for the PlayStation three.

 These manipulations allowed the homeowners of the console to have full keep watch over of the console from the firmware , set up instrument no longer authorized by way of Sony , but additionally and primarily run pirated video games !


Undertakes, through a permanent injunction to stay away from the console manufacturer and not to talk about his work. If it goes against the agreement, the young hacker could face a heavy fine for each infringement ($ 10,000).
Sony "pleased " that the case be behind " while pointing out that this action was undertaken to "protect its intellectual property rights and its customers." Meanwhile, George Hotz "said equally pleased that this matter be behind him " and said "he never intended to harm the
customers of Sony, or encourage piracy"

Not authorized to comment on the agreement signed, the hacker plebiscite boycott Sony products on his blog that he joined: "I will never buy another Sony product. I encourage you to do the same thing. And if you bought something from Sony recently, return " .

For the community Anonymous , who attacked servers in the Playstation Network and the websites of Sony as a support ideological and activist Geohot is a disappointment. The group has members in danger by hacking sites and Sony does not feel rewarded for his support with a Geohot throws in the towel. In comments that can be read on different forums addressing this topic, the community pulls no punches:

– "Loser"
– "Douchebag"
– "When we sign an agreement for peace, do not bother trying to take other action in a boycott of any kind, it has no credibility"
– "Is an idiot savant Geohot"
– "At least he will finally shut up and stop us bananer"
– "We were all manipulated"

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