Sony appears decided to not let go and go unless the top of its case in opposition to George "GeoHot" Hotz. 

Like what, the Eastern automaker has now not but got the revelation of the important thing safety of the PlayStation three.


 Yes, and precisely, even though a U.S. court had allowed Sony to get all the iP addresses of users who have been to his sites since January 2009, another just give him the right to access Paypal account to the attacker and any history of transactions. All this in the context of proving in court that GeoHot was paid to crack the PlayStation 3.


Of course, it is perfectly understandable reaction from Sony. Until GeoHot and other pirates put their hands in grease, the PlayStation 3 had a reputation as a console inviolable. One thing more striking than the competition has never been able to boast of same thing. Whether the Xbox 360 or Wii, most consoles on the market were quickly Cracked, and this applies equally to home consoles for the portable consoles like the PSP …. A PSP which moreover suffered greatly from his hacking because many publishers have turned away from her after his jailbreak.

And the pressure just up a notch since Sony got a U.S. court the right to access all account data GeoHot Paypal. The firm will have the opportunity to consult not only the money collected through the popular service, but it may also get a list of all persons who have thus supported the famous hacker. It will be recalled, moreover, that Georgia was for a time made ​​an appeal for donations on its website to support the trial Sony and cons to attend his trial with the same number of lawyers the firm.

But ultimately, it is not these data is of interest to the Japanese giant. In fact, that Sony's lawyers seem to want to prove is that GeoHot received money hack for the PlayStation 3. If the firm has its way, so needless to say that George Hotz has a lot more strengths in his game this time, the hacker takes advantage indeed a fairly positive image among the general public, much like Kevin Mitnick in his time. We see this as a kid so bold, smart and is only driven by his curiosity. If Sony manages to prove that he received money to commit his crime, as saying that his image may take a hit it behind the ears.

Anyway, it is hoped that George Hotz has received anything from Nintendo or Microsoft.Because here, for sure, it would be very very bad and the jailbreak of the PlayStation 3 could then akin to industrial sabotage. And besides, while we're at, will be remembered by all-even the fact that Microsoft has invited in January to jailbreak GeoHot Phone … Windows 7. For indeed, unlike Sony, the Redmond company seems determined to change his image and now go to a builder young, cool and trendy.

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