Sony is indignant and plan on making GeoHot an instance. In a way, one would possibly even say that the agency's technique appears to use steamroller. Even supposing she has gained another victory as the U.S. Justice was authorized to collect all the IP addresses of users who have GeoHot connected to the site since January 2009! not worry you though as it only affects people living in the U.S. …


And that's not all because this decision is not only the site of GeoHot. In reality, Sony will be able to recover the IP addresses of all those who have watched his videos on YouTube or who had the misfortune to cut the tip of fat with him on Twitter. Yes, you read correctly, if you live in the U.S. and you had the misfortune to watch one of his videos on YouTube, then your IP address will be recorded by Sony. In passing, we note that this ruling applies to the old blog of our young pirate …

The question many people ask, of course, is knowing what will make Sony any such data. Both immediately reassure our fellow exiles in the U.S., the Japanese automaker's lawyers will not necessarily knocking at the door for millions of people to be spent on the site of our young pirate. However, these data are likely used in the trial who oppose Sony GeoHot.

And finally, the latter should start worrying. Because if Sony manages to prove that it is he and only he, who is behind the jailbreak of the PlayStation 3 as well say it may take quite expensive. And if he loses this lawsuit, as saying that the damages will be calculated without doubt millions of dollars.

Anyway, GeoHot seems to remain true to himself and this story does not seem to have tarnished his good mood. Proof of this is our young pirate recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia … Play. And according to recent rumors to date, it seems that this is not necessarily to play during his trial. No, it is even possible that his intentions are considerably less noble. But there might as well say it runs little risk because the rooting and jailbreaking are allowed in the United States for several months now.

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