Sony PlayStation 5 With 10 Teraflops To Be Released In 2018

Sony PlayStation 5 With 10 Teraflops To Be Released In 2018

PlayStation 4 is currently the most successful console in the market, having a very promising future due to the catalog that is to come, as well as everything it has received. However, success will not be eternal, so it would not be surprising that eventually Sony will announce its successor, which would come to be PlayStation 5 if they continue as before. However, some think that this movement could occur sooner than expected.

All this has come from the hand of Damian Thong, an analyst whose study has focused on the benefits that Sony will get in the next fiscal years, stating that there will be three fundamental divisions for these to increase: images, Video games and network services. The curious thing is that he mentioned that before the imminent arrival of the competition, more concretely in Xbox Scorpio, the analyst sees a necessary step the launch of PlayStation 5, console that will give a blow at the table due to the past successes of the company. In the same way, this announcement would only bring benefits not only because of the antecedents, but also because it would stop the success of the competition.

Be that as it may, that PlayStation 5 arrives next year is no more than the result of speculation and rumors, very remote if we consider that PlayStation 4 still has no need to launch a successor. Time will tell if this forecast is finally fulfilled. Until then, let’s enjoy the present.

(Source: Barron’s)

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