The leaked specs confirm rumors that the Playstation 4K should provide about twice the graphics performance of the PS4. The 8-core CPU the new PS4, codenamed NEO is, therefore clocked 500MHz faster, then running at 2.1GHz. The graphics chip from AMD containing twice as many processing units, which are also clocked higher.  Such a large console upgrade raises the question whether all previous buyers a PS4 again have to buy a new console. The report of Giant Bomb According to that is not necessary, because the old and the new console will coexist. Sony wants no separation within the console generation. Consequently, there will be no games exclusively for the Playstation 4K, all games must continue to support the original PS4 and may also offer no PS4K-exclusive features. Moreover, if and how new and old games use the enhanced console performance lies with the developers.

  • The Playstation 4K – Codename NEO – improved graphics performance massively.
  • A Leak reveals details to the CPU, the graphics chip and memory.
  • The PS4K should not replace the current PS4, but the switch worthwhile nonetheless.

Sony will bring the Playstation 4K a new edition of the PS4 to market. Although this is not yet officially confirmed, but more and more insiders from the games industry confirm the console upgrade. Now for the first time details about the hardware on the Giant Bomb gaming side are leaked. In addition to the hardware specs, there is also information on how to proceed PS4 models with the “old”.


And the memory is drilled, it can continue to process 218 instead of 176 GB per second. In addition to games that are optimized to the new hardware, additional 512 MB of memory.

What does that mean? Simply put, the PS4 games refrain from even better. The reamed hardware ensures higher and more stable frame rates, thus reducing the stuttering, and increases the level of detail representation. Should profit in 1080p on FullHD TVs especially games. In addition, the new PS4 has enough power to games in 4K and VR GamesDie best browser games on Free2Play! represent. but it is still unclear whether the Playstation 4K continue requires the complementary box, which sells Sony with the Playstation VR for the previous PS4.

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