A few days ago we saw with surprise that a PS4 Slim had been shown and even unpacked by youtubers. Not only was the sign of a hardware that had not been announced, but their presence in virtually commercial state. Today it has been revealed where all the hardware, which apparently came from the UAE comes.

That country had units ready console and then sold his revelation, which is expected next week. This is because the region has been one where Sony has invested heavily. Of these units, a few seem to have come to Britain unofficially. They were sold in separate stores and eBay sellers.

That’s how this system was obtained early and shown to the public. So also we know directly how was the way for this to be given, and certainly there are workers punished for it. It also tells us that, perhaps, in some stores this console will be available for sale the day of the announcement.

Slim PlayStation 4 is not official yet but videos and photos that portray online abound, and this is how we can make some technical evaluation even before that Sony talk in public.

The arrival of a new portable Sony, one of the rumors that has also sounded on the Internet, is also in the forefront of our gathering, as technical capabilities that will Project Scorpio.

As always, we are looking forward to fellowship with the comments to know your opinion on all these new machines being prepared by Sony. Is the end of the current generation of consoles? Do you feel let down by the arrival of new consoles in the middle of the life cycle of current? Are you pleased with the launch of Project Scorpio and PS4 Neo?

(Source: LetsPlayVideoGames)

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