Sony publishes video of how to unlock Xperia bootloader (Android)



Before you can install any ROM modified Sony Xperia model, the first task is to unlock the Bootloader. Fortunately, unlike many Android manufacturers who do not like to change their equipment and do not share information to unlock the Bootloader, however Sony has shared a video on YouTube explaining step by step how to complete this task.

In the video you can see from a computer with Windows (sorry Mac and Linux) can complete the task to unlock the Bootloader in a few steps. However it should be noted something many teams Sony unlock the Bootloader to implement the “root” or install a modified ROM can have side effects, such as blocking official Sony applications such as the app Remote Play and the elimination of several options in the camera application.

Also another detail to consider, some cellular providers activate a “flag” which precludes the ability to unlock the Bootloader. So while Sony may have the best intentions, your wireless carrier is who ultimately has the final say (unless acquires a direct Unlocked Sony Xperia). Still, very good initiative from Sony. We share the video below with the steps required to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia.

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