sony-qx-050902After announcing its new smartphone, namely Xperia Z1  , Sony also unveiled the QX ” Lens- Style ” series, with two models that will be available towards the end of September . The first model is the flagship version of the series is a DSC- QX100 , and the second is a more lightweight alternative version is the QX10 .

Sony QX100 is a removable lens that is based on the RX -100 II camera , which uses the same large Exmor R 1 × 1 20.2 MP . It is equipped with a Zeiss f/1.8 lens with a 3.6x optical zoom, adjustable via a manual zoom ring located on the lens itself .

Sony QX10 in turn uses a Sony G Lens sensor 1 / 2.3 inches with a 18.2 MP sensor and an F/3.3 aperture. This removable lens also features a 10x optical zoom , and will be available in black and white. These two sensors come with a kind of tweezers to attach the Smartphone, but Sony is still unclear about the characteristics of these tweezers, to the extent it would be possible to set this target device removable picture on a tablet or not.


These lenses work with gadgets working iOS and Android three.1 or larger , and , the usage of a unique utility for Sony to attach your smartphone to the target , to the extent that it’s imaginable to make use of reveal your smartphone as a viewfinder , and Sony or Sony QX100 QX10 as a way of surroundings. Moreover , connectivity is in keeping with direct WiFi, however the NFC connection can presumably be used . The pictures are recorded within the gallery of the smartphone itself , however it’s that you can imagine to file in an instant to the QX by way of a MicroSD card.

Alternatively, these hoping to exchange their previous SLR with QX will instantly be disillusioned , as a result of even though these detachable targets are spectacular for a smartphone , don’t overlook that its capabilities are restricted. I’m after all regarding the ISO surroundings or the shutter pace and extra. Moreover , best the Sony QX100 helps guide focal point by means of the zoom ring and the aperture precedence . Eventually , don’t disregard that no smartphone or pill is in a position to taking pictures greater than 25 minutes constantly (2 GB) .

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