Sony Sends Out Invites For PlayStation Event



Wednesday, September 7 at 3PM EST in New York , is the day and time in which supposedly know the future of the fourth generation of PlayStation will be unveiled. Nothing is confirmed, but everything suggests that the future PlayStation 4 Neo will be presented at the American city. What has confirmed Sony is that the event will be broadcast live, so everything indicates that there is something important to show.

Although 2016 was aimed to be a starring virtual reality in the panorama of video games year, technology is having to share information space with the movements of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which are already preparing new consoles. In the case of Nintendo, the key project in NX will replace the current Wii U, but nevertheless the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft will coexist with the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, sharing compatibility with all their games. Precisely Microsoft was the first to be launched to present its new console, Project Scorpio, at E3, although it will not come before autumn 2017.

As for NEO PlayStation console that we will see safely in the New York event, it is expected the details that are appearing in the form of leaks in recent months officially confirmed. We talk about a more powerful machine that PlayStation 4, which allows games to 60 images per second and even resolutions in Ultra HD (4K) and become less limited tool to move virtual reality games with PlayStation VR, the new exclusive device the console, which will arrive this Fall.

However, as we have been remembering, current owners of a PlayStation 4 should not be intimidated by the arrival of a console called to live with your current hardware. Despite the improved performance, PlayStation NEO not come to replace the current console, something that would be guaranteed to be all compatible games between the two consoles. To achieve this, it is expected that new releases include a way specially focused for each console on the disc.


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