Benchmarking instruments are good apps. In addition to permitting you to check your individual instrument's efficiency, a lot of them additionally provide up leaderboards that let you see how your software stacks up the competitors. It's this latter performance that’s regularly extremely useful for recognizing new merchandise – and we could have simply found out any other one.

The fortunate benchmark this time is the favored NenaMark, and the device in query seems to be a brand new pill from Sony. The new device, which is reported as being a 'SONY V150', achieved a 59.7 FPS rating on the benchmark, putting it close to other top end tablets.

The chipset is identified as a Nvidia Tegra 3 (which is also found in the HTC One X handset and the Asus Transformer Prime tablet), which is one the of the most powerful mobile handsets available, with a quad-core processor and impressive graphical performance (but not quite as good as the new iPad).

The benchmark also reveals that the screen resolution is 1280 x 800, which is standard for 10" Android tablets.

It's not the most exciting or unexpected news, as some time has passed since the release of the Tegra 2 powered Sony Tablet S, but it is good to see that Sony hasn't abandoned the tablet front.

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