Consistent with rumors Sony is getting ready to introduce a streaming song provider, which must be a competitor for Apple's iTunes. The plan is to supply the provider appropriate for a spread of units together with the PlayStation three, Walkman MP3 gamers and televisions.


But the introduction leaves still here in coming: the Financial Times , Sony's music service is available only in 2011 because only deals with content providers shall be closed.Sony itself has interests in music and film industries. Initially the service will only be available on the PlayStation 3. Later it also Vaio PCs, Blu-rayspelers and Sony Ericsson smartphones at:Sources in the media industry told the Financial Times That Would Sony PlayStation games consoles use ITS as the starting point for a new service That Users Will Be Able to use across a range or Other Internet-connected devices. That Could include Walkman music players, Vaio computers, Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.Sony's plans would mainly focus on music, like Apple's iPodevent tonight. Yet there are also rumors circulating about TV shows, especially in combination with a new Apple TV.

Apple was working on TV deals to close iTunes, which News Corp. is transverse. These would be for a service where you are 99 cents TV shows for rent in competition with Netflix and Hulu.Amazon is also working together with a subscription service, according to the Wall Street Journal. It focuses initially on television shows and movies rather than music. There are already discussions under way with NBC Universal, Time Warner, News Corp. and Viacom.One of the speculations why Apple suddenly goes live event streaming, is that Apple will announce a video streaming service. According to this theory assumes Steve Jobs during the keynote suddenly announce that hundreds of thousands of people are watching the stream, to show how good the performance is. The streaming of live event would be an immediate acid test for the huge data center that Apple in North Carolina is building.


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