SOPA / PIPA, when the giants of the web are mobilizing against the Hadopi U.S.


Two payments are at the moment being mentioned in the USA: the SOPA(Cease On-line Piracy Act) and PIPA (Offer protection to IP Act) . To battle towards these initiatives, huge net have determined to specific their disagreement and to mark their protest by using launching a tremendous blackout that has more than likely now not completed speaking to him. It suffices to seem a little bit nearer on these two texts to take note the beginning of this discontent.The whole thing can also be within the sequel, after all!





We'll start with the SOPA . This text was tabled in the House of Representatives last October and it may remind you a lot of things. It is aiming to combat piracy with friendly measures such as blocking sites offenders . It also provides for the removal of these sites on the index of search engines or blocking their payment (s) board (s) advertising. All this without a judge. Inevitably, large web were immediately shown the fangs, firms like Google, Facebook or Twitter even used all their influence. Better, even the White House responded by issuing a press release denouncing the bill. Racing results, the elected behind this text was finally decided to withdraw certain proposals and vote has even been

But that does not mean as much as the SOPA is dead, far from it even. And if we add to this PIPA, another text that offers basically the same thing but is being considered in the Senate, we understand immediately why the web giants have decided to put their threats. Now, we must of course hope that the movement were more successful the operation had started the Quadrature du Net at the time of the Hadopi law.


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