Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5Samsung will hold the global release of its new flagship, scheduled for April 11, however, the Galaxy S5 sale has officially started two weeks ahead of. As the Cybersecurity, two major Korean operator SK Telecom and KT Corp have started selling the device today, so how to do it in April because of the sanctions they can not control .

Start selling in such a serious hurry require operators could get potential new customers and make sales revenue Galaxy S5, because regulators previously imposed on SK Telecom and KT Corp sanctions that on April 5 will not allow them to sell the equipment and make new contracts for the provision of service provider. In this April 11, implementation of the smartphone Galaxy S5 could start all the other vendors , including mobile shops in Korea , but then these smartphones have been sold without contracts and subsidized schemes that would make them quite expensive purchase .

“We are puzzled by the situation. SK Telecom and KT Corp demanded begin early implementation of the smartphone . However, Samsung is still a supporter of the global release date of April 11 , “- said the press service of Samsung. “We have decided to release the product to a wider audience before our trading operations will be frozen on April 5 ,” – said Irene Kim , a spokeswoman for SK Telecom.

This company said that starting to sell the device without a contract for 866,800 won, or 808 dollars in 3000 the company’s stores across the country. In addition, current customers can get the device at discounted prices.

ICT Ministry and the Ministry of Commerce earlier sanctions imposed on operators from April 5 to May 19 , under which the latter can neither sell new mobile phones or connect subscribers . Restrictions on third- largest operator of South Korea’s LG Uplus apply 4 to April 27.

Fines were imposed on companies after hackers stole subscriber base of operators and authorities accused the company in a careful and conscientious enough data protection subscribers.

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