Area Grey in style iPhone 5s for Males, girls – white iPhone 5s and purple iPhone 5c


iphone_5s_5cNew research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on the preferences of any color iPhone men and women showed that both sexes enjoy all the different models of the same . Apple offers a flagship smartphone in three colors : gray space, silver and gold , iPhone 5c presented in five colors: blue, white, green , pink, and yellow .

According to the study, men prefer a smartphone iPhone 5s in the color ” space gray” , the women – the silver model . Gold iPhone 5s men and women enjoy the same.

When choosing an iPhone 5s men are guided by the white and blue (32% each) , while women are more likely to choose a pink model . Yellow uses less demand from buyers iPhone 5s both sexes.

Commenting on the findings , the head of CIRP Partner Mike Levine said, ” Customer Preferences iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in question are the same color with the traditional smartphone . In the case of the iPhone 5c men opt for neutral white and gray with iPhone 5s. Women on the contrary , prefer silver iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in bright colors. The yellow color is less popular among both women and men”

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