Sparrow has been a small replace for the iPhone that some useful features to the mail application. It is now possible to send and also answers the e-mail archiving. You can also set you own only a selection of labels and folders shown in the app. It is also possible to empty the trash and you can delete the spam from the application.

 Of the longed push messages yet exists in version 1.1. They are lucky if implemented in version 1.2. French writes that the development team on the Sparrow blog :

Thanks to your incredible support, we are sure that Apple's position with the push API mail programs can sometimes revised. We will have a first version of Update 1.2 from Apple send push messages with built-in. This can ensure that Sparrow 1.2, not so soon, but we have been working with partners who can make that push a possibility without the consent of Apple. Push comes anyway. With or without Apple.

Version 1.2 of the application has also been translated into nine languages, which is not yet known is whether Dutch is covered. Furthermore, you can in the next version in the landscape view works if you write an email and you can wipe up and down between exchange emails.

Update Features:

  • a built-in web browser
  • send & archive functionality
  • empty trash and spam options
  • dock badge preferences by account
  • show/hide labels and folders
  • choice to include attachments in forwarded messages.

It was long awaited Sparrow for the iPhone. The disappointment was great when the application at the launch appeared to have no push function. Avaialble for $2.99 in the App Store.


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