Speak-NotificationCydia released a new interesting development . Tweak called Speak Notification reads text incoming notifications sent via Facebook, email , iMessage and other apps in iOS 7 , including when connecting iPhone to headphones , wireless headset or car audio system . Says the developer , users will no longer have any time to get a smartphone from his pocket or distracted driving , to read a new notification or SMS.

Tweek support different types of alerts and contains a number of special settings. Going into the section Speak Notification, you can enable or disable certain types of notifications, such as the events in the calendar, or the number of unread messages and identify some of the sound settings . In particular , there is a volume control and a button to enable and disable the pronunciation of the text through headphones , bluetooth- headset or the built-in speaker .

Speak Notification supports a long list of languages ​​and allows you to change the speed of audio messages. You can set the period of time during which the tweak can pronounce incoming notifications .

Cost Speak Notification of BigBoss repository is $ 1.49 . Declared compatible with devices on iOS 7.0 and above.


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