It is generally expected that Apple on Monday not only further details on Apple Watch suggests, but also talks about the MacBook Air. In addition to a completely new 12 and 13 “models” Retina MacBook Air upgrade the existing 11 “expects.

Specifications of MacBook Air 2015, more specifically, there is information about the upcoming 13 “model. Screenshots that have surfaced in the Chinese forum (via Macrumors), indicate that the update is imminent. The presentation next Monday is in our eyes increasingly likely.

MacBook Air 2015 Intel Broadwell chips

If you believe the forum participants, it is a MacBook Air 2015 which was produced by Foxconn. The screenshots show the system information of the low-end 13 “MacBook Air (MacBookAir7,2) with 1.6GHz i5-5250U Broadwell processor and Intel HD Graphics 6000 graphics card. The unit comes standard with 4GM RAM and provides an unchanged display resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels.

The MacBook Air uses an internal OS X Yosemite build. The serial number verification shows that this is currently designated as “invalid”. This may be because the devices are not officially on the market.

A well published table shows the MacBook Air 2015 in three versions. Two models are built on the above 1.6GHz Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 6000, 4GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB SSD come up with. The high-end model accordingly has a Core i7-5650U Broadwell processor, Intel HD Graphics 6000, 512GB SSD and 8GB. And about the 11 “MacBook Air, there is no information. If the Apple 11 “as well upgrade, so Apple will lock out the same Intel Broadwell chips.

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