Specter Camera is a new app from Halide. This allows taking photos with long exposure such as light stripes.

Apple ex-designer Sebastiaan de and Ben Sandofsky, better known as Halide creators have released a new app with a new approach.

Spectre uses AI to ensure that you can take nicer photos with long exposure. Spectre can ensure that photos with beautiful light stripes are created, you can also use this app to take photos in which a moving crowd is no longer visible.

Photos with long lighting can be done with a standard feature found in every iPhone with support for Live Photos, but that is actually a detour. Spectre takes into account that you have to keep the camera still and sufficient light.

You can use Spectre to remove people from the photo. You set a medium to long duration and while people move around the square, Specter ensures that only the stationary elements can be seen on the photo. If you take photos at night, the AI ​​function of the app ensures that beautiful light streaks are created by the lights of passing cars. Also with the waves of the ocean or the water of a fountain you can get beautiful effects.

You need at least an iPhone 6 running on iOS 11 to install Spectre. For the automatic recognition of scenes, you need iOS 12 for the AI-based image stabilization and at least one device with Neural Engine. This means an iPhone 8 or newer.

The current price is $1.99, afterward the app will become slightly more expensive even though the creators have not given any details about it yet. You can take beautiful photos with this app. For more sample images visit spectra.cam.

Download: Spectre Camera for iPhone from App Store

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