imac classic

imac classicSpigen has launched a new line of cases for iPhone X on Indiegogo, hoping to receive the necessary funding for mass production. These cases are created in homage to Apple and are inspired by iconic products such as the first iMac and the first iPhone launched in 2007.

The cases that are inspired by the first iMac are available in five different colors (blue, red, yellow, silver, green), with the back showing the contour in relief of the internal components of the iPhone X.

And in the inside we find the nice reference to the message “Hello (again)” symbol of the Macintosh of 1984 (“Hello”) and of the iMac G3 “(again)”.

spigen-classic-mac-iphone-x-caseThe cases are made of plastic and are also quite voluminous, slightly thicker than the leather case for iPhone X made by Apple. And the weight is not just compared to many other cases. However, these are collectible houses that will appeal to all Apple fans.

spigen-iphone-2g-case-iphone-xAnd there is also the case that transforms the iPhone X in the first iPhone presented by Steve Jobs back in 2007. The inside of this case is totally black, with references to the tenth anniversary of Spigen.

The enclosures do not interfere with wireless charging. The first buyers on Indiegogo can buy these cases for $18 each. Once the campaign is over, the price will rise to $35.

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